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A Little Birdie On Downie's Hallelujah


If you're a fan of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" or a fan of Gord Downie and The Tragically Hip, I implore you to read the entries in my Gord Downie's Hallelujah page.  Not only is it a great story about an elusive song and successful search, but it's also the reason I'm running 10k tonight.

A little birdie in the know about such things wrote me an email today.  In Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein fashion, my very own Deep Throat has revealed that the Saint Ralph Soundtrack will likely get released in the near future.  Here's the top secret correspondence I received with one paragraph removed for reasons that will soon become obvious.

What I'm about to tell you I ask that you keep to yourself and not divulge, not even say it's from an anonymous source.
*** content removed ***
Now here's what you can divulge from an anonymous source, it is likely that the soundtrack will get a release or at least a download release in the near future.
If all goes smoothly, you'll be the first to know.

This answers a question I get quite often.  When I know more, I'll share it here.

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