One Hot Thanksgiving

sunIt's October 8th and I'm sitting on the porch coming to the realization that's it's just too damn hot to be outside right now. What is it, 30°? It's stifling.

It hasn't been warmer on Thanksgiving Day since I hit the earth. Don't tell Suzuki, but I'm thinking of throwing on the air conditioner for a bit. It'll be our little secret. I doubt he reads this blog.

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Mike (Buffalo Boy)

Unbelievable isnt it?
Its like Summer has extended itself another 2 weeks.
With the exception of the October storm Buffalo got last year, Falls have been relatively mild. I remember after that storm last year we didnt get snow again until the Day my Wife and I landed in mid January from our Honeymoon in the Dominican. Talk about a rude welcome. Global warming?

October 8, 2007 @ 3:56 PM

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