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We Went To The Ex, Oh Baby!

the cne

Since I worked at the CNE for three years in the late 80s and early 90s, I've only been to the CNE once.  I think I simply overdosed on the place, having walked that midway 60 days in a row.  Taryn and I went once about ten years ago and we hadn't been back until today.

The Smell
The first think I noticed about the CNE was the smell.  The Ex has an odour, and it's not necessarily bad, despite what some would say.  It's a smell of carnival snacks and food more than anything.  The Ex has an odour, and one whiff takes you back to your last visit, even if it's been about a decade.

The Memories
For me, walking the CNE brings back a trailer load of memories, many of which I shared here.  The configuration has changed a little, and a soccer stadium has been built, but a great deal is exactly as I remember it.  The Food Building still has those powdered doughnuts and 99¢ spaghetti, the Polar Express operator is still asking if you wanna go faster and the ring toss is still rigged.

The Ex
The Exhibition itself is a little underwhelming.  I'm not a midway fan, knowing how foolish you have to be to play the games, and the rides aren't particularly inviting.  That leaves you with the buildings, and they're no great shucks either, except for The Food Building, which I thoroughly enjoy.  I enjoy the CNE for the sights, sounds, smells and the air show.

The Air Show
This was the primary reason we all went to the Ex today.  My buddy Humble Howard came through with free passes to the grounds and air show and I've always loved the air show.  It was three hours of awesomeness and a total blast.  Michelle thought some of the jets were a little loud, but she loved it as did James.

Here's a photoset of our trip to the Canadian National Exhibition.

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