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Testing The New Google Maps Embed Feature


My monthly Google Friends Newsletter tells me I can now embed Google Maps on my website or blog.

There's a new feature on Google Maps that enables you to easily embed an interactive map on your website or blog just by copying and pasting a snippet of HTML (much in the same way as embeddable YouTube videos work). On Google Maps, pull up the map you want to embed-- it can be a location, a business, a set of driving directions, search results, or a map you've created. Then copy the embed code by clicking "Link to this page," and paste the code into your blog or website. You can create a map using the map-making tools in the My Maps tab and display it on your website using this embed feature.

Here's a test of the feature.  Like flickrSLiDR, it's just an iframe.  The fun hill is the one on Spring Road approaching Colborne Lodge Dr.

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