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Unique Marketing Opportunity: Sponsor Our Slo-Pitch Team


If you're a business owner, entrepreneur or just somebody with a little extra disposable income, I have a unique marketing opportunity you may be interested in.

My slo-pitch team is looking for a new name and new uniforms for next season.  If someone was willing to pay our registration fee and buy us new jerseys, that someone could choose our new nickname as well as influence the jersey colours and design.

For example, if you owned a grocery store called "Sam's Grocery", we could be Sam's Grocery with the team name on our jerseys.  There would be some value to that exposure in a good sized league, but there's an additional benefit I believe is far more valuable.  I would write about Sam's Grocery and their generosity on a regular basis, targeting the appropriate keywords and earning a high rank in Google and the like.  The SEO juice will far outweigh the expense.

If you're interested in sponsoring us, I'm interested in speaking with you.  The registration fee is approximately $1600 and we'd require about 14 jerseys at $40 a pop.  In exchange, you will:

  • Name our team
  • Choose our jersey colour and design
  • Reap search marketing benefits with an enhanced web presence

It's first come, first serve.  This note's for you.

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