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My Offline Challenge: Week Nineteen


It's your favourite entry of the week, my running update.  If you're just joining us, I decided earlier in the year I had to run a marathon.  You can check out my Hallelujah entries for a little back drop.  As a non-runner who had never run before, I started from scratch by enrolling in a Learn to Run clinic at my local Running Room.  That was 19 weeks ago.

My 5k clinic is winding down and I'll be starting my 10k clinic in less than two weeks.  I'll also be running a 5k race, my goal race for this clinic.

This past week, I got in a great 11k run on Sunday and a nice little run yesterday and tonight.  I scored a free hat tonight, and although I'll likely never wear it again, I just couldn't say no to a free hat.  Can you?

I think I can run my 5k race in under 25 minutes.  In fact, if I don't, I'll be quite disappointed.  I'm secretly aiming for 22 minutes, but don't tell anyone, k?

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