Jeremy Hotz

humourI saw my brothers on the weekend, and we ended up talking about Jeremy Hotz. Jeremy Hotz is a Canadian comic who did a great set at the Just For Laughs comedy festival many years ago. We recorded this performance and watched it several times. This weekend, we recited it.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the same experience with one of my wife's friend's husbands. He had the same set memorized and we went through the whole thing. Here are the bits I recall.

  • The New York Zoo in winter - the unnatural state of freezing giraffes and their farts
  • The smell of pee in China town - you never catch the guy doing it
  • Cana-duh - duh is in the name of our country. We should invade a country because nobody will have seen it coming. We'll invade Turkey and name it Chicken.
  • The crack RCMP squad defending the Prime Minister. Guy breaks in with a plastic knife from KFC and Aline Chretien foils the whole plot by closing the door.
  • Stuff in the mail - Mr. Christie, you make good cookies... just don't mail them ya asshole. I used free samples of maxi-pads as coffee filters and now the garbage man thinks I have a terrible disease.

I couldn't find that routine online, but here's another one that's pretty funny.

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Adam Johnston

I've been looking all over for online versions of that act and all I can find is the short, 2 min version. It is still funny but does not too the entire act justice. It needs to be seen in its entirety. Can you help me out? Maybe post the recording you have of his act and send me the URL? Thanks, Adam

February 10, 2009 @ 10:24 PM

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