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James and I Are Ripping Friends


I don't think TV is evil.  That doesn't mean we let James park himself in front of the boob tube for hours at a time, but I'm very cool with him watching a little tv at night before bedtime.

I've been working with James to get him into shows I can watch with him.  I simply can't do the Treehouse thing anymore, and James is five now and ready for older fare.  Teletoon is our saving grace in this regard and there is where we found a show that keeps us both riveted.

It's called The Ripping Friends, and I instantly recognized the animation as that of John Kricfalusi, creator of my old favourite Ren and Stimpy.  The next thing I noticed was that the voice of Crag belongs to none other than Mark Dailey of Citytv.  When I watched Porky's on Citytv in the late 80s, it was Mark Dailey who narrated the bumpers and reminded me I was watching late great movies on Citytv.  It's a local production, even the new generation Degrassi girl Miriam McDonald does voices.

The Ripping Friends give James and I a chance to chill together before bedtime and I have only John K. to thank.

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