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My Offline Challenge: Week Eleven


I'm still in between clinics with the next clinic not starting until Monday, but I ran a few 10 and 1s tonight with the old crew and now I'm concerned.

Eleven weeks in, 10 and 1s for 32 minutes feel pretty good.  I'm sure I can handle more, and I usually take off during the last set just to make sure I can feel it later.  My body is ready to jump to the 10k clinic, but I've prepaid for the 5k clinic and I've committed myself to finishing that first.

Here's the problem.  I'm enjoying the 10 and 1s but on Monday we're going to drop back down to 5 and 1s.  That's a pretty big drop at this stage of the game.  I think I'm going to have to supplement my 5k clinic with something a little more challenging because 5 and 1s on Monday should be a breeze.

Stay the course, Neddy.  Stay the course...

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