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tvI've always enjoyed Quirks & Quarks with Bob McDonald. It airs Saturdays on CBC Radio but you can hear archived shows here. Bob McDonald has a way of explaining complex aspects of science in a way dummies like me can understand.

This afternoon I caught McDonald on CBC Newsworld's Mansbridge One on One. Peter Mansbridge was hitting him with viewer questions and one was about male baldness. Bob was asked why we go bald and whether it was completely hereditary or not. Bob stated it was hereditary, usually from the mother's side, and there seemed to be a link between particularly hairy people and baldness. The more often you need to shave and the more hair you have on your body, the more likely it is you will go bald.

I loved that answer because I've always had a hell of a time growing a beard. If I go a few days without shaving, it just looks bad. The hair grows, but it's not full and bushy and there are bald spots. I've complained about this before, but now I'm glad I can't grow a decent beard. It's probably the reason why I still have a thick head of hair on my head.

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