Maple Leafs 4, Senators 3

LeafsI haven't been that excited about a regular season Maple Leaf victory in quite some time. When Tucker scored in overtime, I screamed loud and proud. We fought back from a two goal deficit in the third and secured two points we needed bad.

Elliot Friedman noted after the game that the Leafs dressing room was really up after the win. This is the kind of win that we could ride into a playoff birth. Speaking of Elliot Friedman, I had breakfast at Over Easy on Thursday and he was sitting in the booth next to mine. I over heard some insider radio stuff and Hip analysis, but that convo was off the record.

Also off the record was my Gtalk chat with my brother Steve during the game last night. It began after Antropov scored the tying goal. What the heck, here it is.

9:36 PM me: this comeback has saved the season
9:37 PM Steve: don't count your chickens yet
9:37 PM me: the momentum is ours!
9:38 PM Steve: I hope so
9:38 PM Steve: we need this badly!
9:38 PM me: Devereux will score the winner...
9:39 PM Steve: SO loss?
9:39 PM Steve: that's my prediction
9:39 PM me: that's the most likely scenario
9:39 PM Steve: it certainly feels similar
9:40 PM Steve: familiar
9:43 PM Steve: f*(*^*&
9:43 PM me: o captain, my captain
9:44 PM Steve: f#$%$#
9:44 PM Steve: Emery's having a good game
9:46 PM me: AR has two blockers, no glove hand
9:46 PM Steve: he's not the chosen one
9:46 PM Steve: our chosen one is stinking it up in the Marlies this year
9:46 PM me: he's not Tim Bernhardt
9:47 PM Steve: better than Ing
9:47 PM me: yes!
9:47 PM Steve: YES!
9:47 PM Steve: Awesome!
9:47 PM me: we're tied for 8th!!!!
9:47 PM me: Ryan was right!
9:48 PM Steve: we're one loss from 9th when I'll be right
9:48 PM me: good stuff - if I die tonight, I die happy
9:49 PM Steve: big game!
9:49 PM Steve: biggest win in a long time!
9:49 PM me: now I have to go and watch kiss kiss bang bang or whatever it's called
9:49 PM me: peace out
9:49 PM Steve: peace

Current Record  Last Games Season Leaders
75 points
3rd in Northeast
4-3 Win vs. Ottawa
5-1 Loss vs. Ottawa
3-0 Win vs. Washington
M. Sundin - 62
T. Kaberle - 49
B. McCabe - 48

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