Homer vs. The Eighteenth Amendment

shamrockIt originally aired ten years ago yesterday, and to me it hilariously epitomizes everything this holiday has come to represent.

Homer vs. The Eighteenth Amendment begins as Springfield celebrates St. Patrick's Day with a day revolved around booze. Even Bart gets drunk, leading to a return to prohibition and much hilarity as Rex Banner takes on bootlegger Homer Simpson. Here's the hilarious beginning of that episode, ideal viewing on a day like today.

Great quotes:

  • Listen up, this is the busiest drinking day of the year. Where are the designated drivers? [two men raise their hands] Beat it! I got no room for cheap skates.
    ~ Moe
  • Top of the morning to ye on this gray, grizzly afternoon. Kent O'Brockman live on Main Street, where today everyone is a little bit Irish, except, of course, for the gays and the Italians.
    ~ Kent Brockman
  • Ladies and gentlemen, what you are seeing is a total disregard for the things St. Patrick's Day stand for. All this drinking, violence, destruction of property. Are these the things we think of when we think of the Irish?
    ~ Kent Brockman
  • Oh, honey, you're not the world's worst mother. What about that freezer lady in Georgia?
    ~ Homer

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