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Preserving Mr. Mugs For All Eternity


A few years ago, I wrote about Mr. Mugs.  He was a sheep dog who starred in a series of books I read in kindergarten.  That mutt taught me how to read.

Earlier today, Charity Maggio left a comment on that entry.  Here's what she wrote.

Hey Mike,
Just so you know your not the only Mr mugs fan I am too. Where did you find the book and do you remeber Mr. Wiskers. I am looking for copies of the old school readers that we used to read when we were in school. If yuo could help me out that would wonderful.
Sincerly a fellow
Mr. Mugs reader

In response to that plea, I decided to photograph every page of the one Mr. Mugs book I still have and I put them all in this photoset.  Here's a slideshow.  Mr. Mugs is now preserved for future generations.

Mr. Mugs
Mr. Mugs
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