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Cindy Klassen Wins 2006 Lou Marsh Award


Cindy Klassen beat out some great competition for this years Lou Marsh award.  Klassen won over such formidable opponents as Steve Nash, Justin Morneau and Joe Thornton.

I knew it.  Five Olympic medals was not going to be denied.

Here are recent winners of the award.

  • 2006: Cindy Klassen
  • 2005: Steve Nash
  • 2004: Adam van Koeverden
  • 2003: Mike Weir
  • 2002: Catriona Le May Doan
  • 2001: Jamie Sale/David Pelletier
  • 2000: Daniel Igali
  • 1999: Carolyn Brunet
  • 1998: Larry Walker
  • 1997: Jacques Villeneuve
  • 1996: Donovan Bailey
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