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Three Little Pricks


Because I wear a cool Fonzie leather jacket, there's no where to pin a poppy.  Thinking outside the box, I pinned my poppy to the strap of the brief case style sack I carry to work each day.  When I slink this thing over my shoulder, the poppy is proudly displayed and my jacket remains hole-less.

Already this week I've pricked myself with the pin three times.  Each time hurt more than the time before.  The shot I took this afternoon drew blood and still hurts.

A sensible person might remove the poppy rather than risk a fourth prick tomorrow.  I'm leaving it where it is.  Every time that damn poppy sticks me in the hand I remember that nearly 69,000 Canadian soldiers gave their life in World War I and another 47,000 gave their life in World War II.  Canadians also gave their lives during the South Africa War, the Korean War, peacekeeping and in the current war in Afghanistan.

I can handle a few pricks.  I'm a lucky son of a bitch.

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