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Visting Humble Howard's House


As noted in this riveting entry on, I spent much of the day visiting Humble Howard Glassman at his palatial Oakville estate.  I'm now able to deliver The Humble Report.

The dude's fully domesticated.  His puppy graduated from kindergarten this morning (not a joke), he makes a mean cup of java and he's got a great wife and two daughters, all of whom have male names.  The man also loves Tiger Woods.  There's a shrine of sorts to the man and his PVR was recording today's action from Chandler's Cross so he could watch it the moment I left.  I made his day when I showed him how to do this.

I felt totally at home lounging in the Glassman house, enjoying a lovely lunch with the family and hearing tales about a frozen weiner, flying above the clouds and top secret future plans for the Humble & Fred radio show.

There was also a freaky link in the cosmic chain when I was given dozens of great books for the kids.  The kids are loving these books right now, and some of the older ones have the name "Melanie Patterson" written inside the cover.  That would be Fred's daughter, who likely passed these books down to Howard's daughter who has generously passed them onto my children.  In the world of local Toronto celebrity, that's far less than six degrees of separation.

Good times.  I'm looking forward to my flight with Howard which will be be well documented and photographed for your reading pleasure.

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