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The MySpace Beast


I've ranted about MySpace before.  I hate MySpace and I'll never have a page there, but I can't deny the power MySpace beholds.  If you ignore MySpace, you're doomed to fail.  The MySpace beast cannot be denied.

Toronto city councillor Frances Nunziata has unveiled her new MySpace page which will act as her official campaign web page for November's municipal election.  She'll save money on design and hosting, but I don't think thirteen and fourteen year olds can vote.  Besides, are 55 year olds even allowed to have a MySpace page?  I mean, legally?

Meanwhile, MySpace will offer a special sneek preview screening of "Borat," the new comedy from Sacha Baron Cohen.  MySpace users will actually get to see this flick before it hits theatres.  Again, you can't deny this MySpace beast.  From the TIFF to MySpace, Borat is movin' and shakin'.

It's butt ugly and aimed entire at the young and dumb, but MySpace is a force to be reckoned with.  Sigh.

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