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The Monday Shuffle


Every Monday I shuffle my entire MP3 collection in iTunes and list the first ten songs that play.  Here are the ten tunes I heard today with a personal story about one of them.

  1. What Are My Lies - Green Day
  2. Look Into My Eyes - Scarface
  3. Sledgehammer - Peter Gabriel
  4. Only In Dreams - Weezer
  5. Almost Over - Limp Bizkit
  6. All My Love - Led Zeppelin
  7. You Sure Can't Do - Buddy Guy
  8. Raindrop - Tripping Daisy
  9. Inside Job - Pearl Jam
  10. Guitar Town - Steve Earle

Led Zeppelin's "All My Love" is ruined for me.  When I hear it, I think to myself "it's the Popeye song" and break into the revised lyrics.  "Olive, my love, Olive, my love."

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