It's Oh So Quiet

familyI once wrote about the demise of the dull moment. With a four year old and a two year old running around, it's never quiet and you're almost never alone. Throw in a wife and a dog and it's a mad house. Except this week...

The whole lot of 'em have been at a cottage we rented for the week, but I've stayed in the city to take care of some business. They left last Saturday and they won't be back until tomorrow, and it's been eerily quiet in this house. I'm hearing creaks, squeaks and hums I didn't know this old house had. It's oh so quiet.

I've been alone with my thoughts for far too long. I miss the ever-present chaos, the cries, the laughter, the pitter patter of little feet. I miss it all. I'll never wish for some peace and quiet again.

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Don't Ya just love it. My gang - wife & 2 kids gone for a week while I worked & last weekend & this monday just me, myself & I. Could do anything when I wanted (made sure the Honey Do list was complete before they got back). I look forward to this week & weekend every year.
As your kids get older you will appreciate the time to yourself in a different perspective.

August 18, 2006 @ 5:42 PM

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