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An Interview With Humble Howard


I have fond memories of the Humble & Fred morning show on CFNY Edge 102, and those memories sparked this entry back in 2004.  A year later, I was saddened to learn Fred Patterson had been released of his duties at Mix 99.9 and Humble was Fred-less.  On July 14 I openly wondered if Humble Howard was okay after seeing a bump in visitors searching for answers as to why he too was let go by the Mix.  The next day people started to learn Humble Howard was off Toronto radio for the first time in seventeen years and they came to this site for updates, support and to share their appreciation.  This is how I met Howard Glassman.

A dozen phone calls, twenty emails and one lunch later, I consider Humble Howard a friend.  He's genuinely decent and funny, a rare combination that I always have time for.  Considering this site has attracted thousands and thousands of unique visitors looking for information on Humble and over 300 people have left comments about the man, I thought it might be cool to interview Humble so those looking for a Humble fix could get one.  Here's my interview with Humble Howard Glassman.

Q: Let's address the 2000 kg elephant in the room and get it over with.  You were on the radio in this city for seventeen years until last month.  What the hell happened?  This isn't the National Post, give us the real scoop.
A: The scoop? Nothing you haven't heard.  I was hired, I worked, I was fired. They decided to go in a different direction... first without Fred and then without me.

Q: Since that fateful day in July, over 300 fans have dropped by to let you know how damn missed you are.  How does that feel?
A: Amazing.  I can't believe that many people give a crap.  I have read all the comments and I can tell you it feels great to have had even a little impact on people's lives.  Fred and I have spoken quite a bit recently about the nice things people have said especially when it comes to a possible Humble and Fred Reunion on Satellite.

Q: Most readers of this site are from the Great White North. Please share with us the details of your Canadian roots. We love CanCon.
A: No, I love CanCon.  Trooper, Chilliwack, BTO, Glass Tiger - all the way to BNL and The Tragically Hip.  Not to mention that frisky minx Nelly Furtado.

As for me... 5 provinces.  Moose Jaw, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Toronto.  Many radio stations, a kids TV show, the asinine puppet show and some standup.

Q: I listened to your entire career at CFNY. That was my station and the Humble & Fred morning show was my wake up call every morning throughout high school and university.  In 1991, you disappeared for while.  What the heck happened there?
A: I left to go to CKFM in May of 1991.  The Spirit was gone and I needed to get a real job.

After Labor Day 91 the station became the Mix.  19 months later I went back to work at CNFY which almost immediately became THE EDGE.  I missed working with Fred and thought he and I did our best radio together.

Q: There are rumours on the internets that your relationship with Fred Patterson is a lot like the infamous chilly relationship between Siskel and Ebert.  How do you two get along when the microphone is turned off?
A: We get alone fine... see my answer above.

A few people have questioned my staying at the Mix after Fred was fired... Fred wasn't one of them.  I can't believe some questioned my loyalty to  Fred by not quitting when he was canned.  I had a family to feed and he was being paid... if I quit I wouldn't have been - plain and simple. I guess we could have gone to live with him and his wife but it might have been a little crowded.

Q: What's your favourite movie?
A: The Godfather.

Q: You were a regular on The Dini Petty show on CTV.  What's she like?  She was born in England, ya know.
A: Dini was fine. I didn't know she was from England, her teeth seemed fairly straight to me.

Q: I hear things didn't end well with you and the sock on Ed's Night Party?  Care to dish the deets?
A: I don't want to say anything about ED or the midget that has his hand up his ass that hasn't already been said by just about everyone that's met him.

Q: What's next for Humble Howard?  Are you okay?  Any chance of a Humble & Fred reunion?
A: I'm busy doing nothing... I'm okay and I would look for a Humble and Fred reunion sooner rather than later.

Q: Is there anything you'd like to share with the faithful?
A: I would only like to say that this blog and the comments on it are the main reason I get out of bed every day... that and the booze.

Also,  I would like to add that I've met Mike Boon and you sir are no Mike Boon.

As well I would like everyone who reads this to know Mike Boon is a slow eater. Should they ever be lucky enough to dine with you they should put aside a minimum of 90 minutes for breakfast, 2 hours 15 for lunch and at least 3 hours 20 for supper.  These figures are estimates, actual Mike Boon eating times may vary.

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