Turnover With A Capital "T"

raptorsWhether the Raps are headed in the right direction or not, will be decided on the court. No matter how they fare this season, nobody will be able to accuse Bryan Colangelo of sitting on his hands and fiddling while Rome burned. The man has been active with a capital "A" and we're seeing some heavy duty turnover with a capital "T".

With Anthony Parker and John Salmons joining the club and Uros Slokar, Jorge Garbajosa and P.J. Tucker expected to sign, the Raptors 15 man roster will include eight new players. Here's the possible 15:

  • Andrea Bargnani - New
  • Chris Bosh - Old
  • Jose Calderon - Old
  • T.J. Ford - New
  • Jorge Garbajosa - New
  • Joey Graham - Old
  • Kris Humphries - New
  • Darrick Martin - Old
  • Rasho Nesterovic - New
  • Anthony Parker - New
  • Morris Peterson - Old
  • P.J. Tucker - New
  • Uros Slokar - New
  • Pape Sow - Old
  • Alvin Williams - Old

When you go 27-55, change is a good thing. Even change with a capital "C".

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