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Camping in Canada

In the early 80s, I thoroughly enjoyed "Camping in Canada".  "Camping in Canada" was a Sesame Street album that was released in 1981 and featured Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch as they attended a summer camp right here in Toronto, Canada.

It was great fun with plenty of sing-a-long songs and local references thrown in the mix.  We knew all the words and I've still got plenty of the songs memorized.  A few years ago, I searched high and low for this rare album that was discontinued long ago and was only released in Canada.  I found a vinyl copy in a little shop in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and dubbed it to cassette to share with my brothers.  The next step is digitizing these files.

Here's the track listing for "Camping in Canada".

  1. Aerodynamic
  2. Holiday in Canada
  3. Busy Bee
  4. Going On a Picnic
  5. Soup Song
  6. Nature's Family
  7. Pitch In and Help
  8. What Do You Do On a Rainy Day
  9. The Three Bears
  10. Creatures in the Pond
  11. Sleeping Under the Stars
  12. J'ai Sommeil
  13. Start the Day Off Right
  14. Ham and Eggs
  15. We're Having a Wonderful Time
  16. Homesick
  17. I've Got the Lonesome, Wanna Be Back on Sesame Street, Blues
  18. Sad, Mad, Glad
  19. The Treasure Hunt
  20. Campfire
  21. I Can Do It
  22. Need a Friend
  23. Happy Place

Speaking of camping in Canada, that's the plan this weekend.  It would be sweet to have those 23 tracks along for the ride.  Does anyone wanna help me convert an album or cassette to MP3?

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