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Live! Jays vs. Orioles


James and I were at the dome last night to catch the Jays and Orioles in the third of a four game series.  It was our first game of year and it was bizarre to say the least.

The Ball: It pays to be a four year old kid.  We were seated in the second row above the Jays bullpen and the warm-up catcher caught cute little James in the corner of his eye and threw him a ball.  He was quite pleased with himself and promptly put the ball in his Nemo backpack for safe keeping.  Note to self: They don't throw thirty year old guys balls.  Always bring the kid.

Back-to-Back Jacks:  I've never attended a game when the first two Jays to the plate in the bottom of the first went deep.  It was a hell of a way to kick things off when Alex Rios and Frank Catalanotto started things off with a blast.  Apparently, it's been done before.  On August 18, 1991 in Detroit, Devon White and Roberto Alomar did the deed against the Tigers.

Vernon Wells Right To Us: In the bottom of the third, with Vernon Wells at the plate, I told my buddy beside me (who coincidentally has the name Buddy) to get ready because it was coming our way.  I hadn't said that the entire game, but no sooner were the words out of my mouth than he hit it only two feet out of our reach, just to the left of us and a row back.  I was ready to pounce on the bounce but some snot nosed kid beat me to it.  It was close!

The Rainbow: There was an awful lot of rain coming down for a domed stadium.  We were sheltered in the outfield, but others were holding umbrellas and we could see the rain coming down on the Jumbotron.  Thankfully, they didn't close the roof because we were treated to the most amazing rainbow.  It formed across the top of the sky above the dome and was so surreal you would have thought it was the magic of special effects.

Greg Zaun’s Fluke Double:  In the fourth, Greg Zaun hit a fly ball that Luis Matos never saw.  He must have lost it in that funky sky because he just put up his hands and waited for it to land somewhere.  It was a stand-up double for speedy Zaun.

B.J.’s Sixtet: Like many Jays fans, I'm a big fan of B.J. Ryan.  We got bonus Ryan as he pitched the last two innings retiring the final six outs for his 16th save.  The jury remains out on A.J., but B.J. is a definite stud.

The Law:  The game didn't end until after ten, but in Toronto there is a law.  You must buy a manuel following a Jays game before you jump on the subway.  With extra mustard, it was the perfect ending on a fantastic night.

A great effort out of the pen and the long ball guided us to victory.  A good time was indeed had by all.  My next game is July 2.  Here's my photoset from last night.

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