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A Homemade Hallelujah!


Even before I saw "Saint Ralph" I was hunting for an MP3 of Gord Downie's cover of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah".

Last month I linked to a site that was sharing several covers of this Cohen classic.  I left a comment on that site telling everyone about my search for Downie's version and asking for help.  It's not on an album, it's not available for sale online and not even The Tragically Hip faithful seem to have a bootleg copy.

There seemed to be only one way to get this version of the song in MP3 and that's to create an MP3 from the audio output of "Saint Ralph".  Sophie, a Hip fan from Germany, saw my comment on the site sharing the Downie covers and offerred to help.  She rented the DVD, created an MP3 and emailed it to me early this morning.  Hallelujah!

This will tide me over nicely until Downie releases something official.  I know a lot of people have been trying to locate this song as I've heard your empathetic pleas since I first wrote about the cover last August.  If that's you, leave a comment and I'll email you the MP3 Sophie shared with me this morning.

Pay it forward.  Thanks Sophie!

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