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The Great Stats Debate


On the heels of The Great Female Walk Debate comes The Great Stats Debate.  In previous Raging Storm seasons, we've kept offensive statistics.  Here's the 2005 page and the 2004 page as examples.

This season, we're debating whether to continue this practice.  Some believe it puts too much pressure on the batter while others think it creates a fun competitive atmosphere.  Personally, I'm on the fence.  For starters, it's extra work for me to maintain the stats.  As for benefits, I'm not sure there are any except that those with the bigger stats can back up their arrogance with metrics.  Stats don't measure intangibles like heart, effort and camaraderie.  They're just cold numbers in an all too cold world.

The stats were emailed to me this morning but I haven't posted them on our page.  This debate is incomplete!

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