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The 2006 NHL Playoff Pool


It's April, and that means the Stanley Cup playoffs are less than three weeks away.  Our Leafs won't be involved, but our annual playoff pool will be back after a forced year hiatus.  If you're feeling nostalgic, you can view the results from 2003 and the results from 2004.  We've been running this pool for over a decade.  If you're interested in drafting a team with us, please contact me.  Don't be shy.

The pool was originally run by my brother's friend and classmate.  The first few drafts I attended were actually held at Bishop Allen High School near Royal York and the Queensway.  The guy who used to run it completely dropped out once he bacame a legitimate Grade C celebrity.  You can check out his Bite TV bio and see if you know him.  If you don't know him from Bite TV, and I'm guessing you don't, you might know him as one of the hosts of Live Audio Wrestling.

Why Jason Agnew dropped our annual playoff pool like a hot potato is still unknown, but my guess is hanging out with big time mucky mucks at the Fan 590 like Roger Lajoie and Norm Rumack went to his head.  What Agnew didn't know was that our playoff pool would persevere and thrive in his absence.  This year's draft, to be held at a top secret Etobicoke location, promises to be our best one yet.  There will be no inherent Leafs bias to cloud our judgement.  Recaps will be posted here daily and the grand prize will be a pretty sweet pot.  In this pool, we don't just play for pride, we play for cold, hard cash.

Again, we're looking for a few new participants to replace the scatterred Portelli clan.  Drop me a line and I'll tell you the rules, location and date.  Even Jay is invited.  Some things are greater than the sum of their parts.

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