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They're Doing It Again


I hate being teased and those blue and white sweatered SOBs are doing it again.

The writing was on the wall.  On February 23 I called for the axing of Pat Quinn, on March 1 I begged Quinn to relieve Ed Belfour of his #1 goaltender status, on March 3 I came to grips with the situation and realized we had to gut the pig if we ever wanted to hoist Lord Stanley's mug again and on March 5 I predicted we'd finish twelth in the conference and put our chances of finishing eighth at slim to none.

Here we are eleven days later and I sit here believing we have a shot at making the playoffs.  I know deep down that this is just a big tease to get my hopes up, but I suppress that feeling and choose to believe in my team.  Seven points in the past four games has us five points back of Montreal for eighth and six points back of Tampa Bay for seventh.  We actually have a couple of games in hand over Tampa Bay which enhances the odds of sneaking in.  I think we can pull this off.

Sure it's a big tease and I'm bound to be awfully disappointed about a month from now, but that's the life I chose when I fell in love with a blue and white heartbreaker on Carlton Street.

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