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Russ Holden and Darryl Dahmer


This afternoon I spent a few minutes listening to Bob McCown's Prime Time Sports on the Fan 590.  He and Stephen Brunt were discussing politically vocal athletes like Muhammad Ali, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Jim Brown and comparing them to Michael Jordon and Tiger Woods who are as non-political as can be.  It was an interesting discussion, and then it was time for traffic.  I can't remember if it was Russ Holden or Darryl Dahmer, but that doesn't matter.  To me they're interchangeable and have been around forever.

When I first started listening to AM radio in the early 80s, Russ Holden and Darryl Dahmer were doing traffic reports for 680 CFTR.  A little Googling reveals they both go back to 1979 at CFTR, where they both work to this day.  That's an incredibly long time to stay at one station in the same role, even surviving a major format change when CFTR ditched the top 40 tunes for all news.

I wonder if they're the same guy?

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