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Canada's Biggest Hip Hop Collector?

I was contacted recently by a guy who bills himself as Canada's biggest hip hop collector.  He had found a few items in my collection that he had been searching for.  It seems he too knew the power of Rap Traxx.

Rap Traxx is a series of rap compilation cds that came out in the late 80s and very early 90s.  Number one was great, but I just loved number two.  My brothers and I used to sing Slick Rick's "Children's Story" all the damn time.  "Uncle Ricky, will you read us a bedtime story?"  I've also got number three and number five, although number four has somehow eluded me.

"Canada's biggest hip hop collector" goes by the handle Vertiflow and lives in Vancouver and he threw me a touching story about how Rap Traxx inspired him to collect the genre.  He had apparently been searching high and wide for this collection, stalking eBay, record stores and online traders.  I can empathize, so I threw the dog a bone in exchange for some old school hip hop flavours from the good ol' day.

Surprisingly, he blew right past my impressive collection of Kish.

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