MTV Without The Music

MTVAbout an hour ago, MTV premiered in Canada. Sure there was that digital channel a couple of years ago, but this MTV replaces talktv on your dial and airs from inside the Masonic Temple. There's just one thing you should know about our MTV before you flip on over. There's no music allowed.

That's right, the CRTC stipulates that the talktv license MTV is taking over be used for all-talk programming and nothing but all-talk programming. No music videos and no live performances allowed. They'll be rocking out with a lot of blah, blah, blah.

I see they've hired Daryn Jones of "Buzz" fame. While at St. Michael's College at the University of Toronto, I would bump into him on campus almost daily. "Buzz" was a highlight of cable 10 programming and Daryn was always a swell guy.

We finally have our MTV, now that I'm too old to give a damn. It's probably for the best that they aren't airing videos. I suspect the usual suspects, Mariah Carey, Jessica Simpson and Usher, would be on ultra-high rotation. I'll take the talk, thank you very much.

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