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Ink StainAnyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to I received the following entry earlier today.

Bob Rae will decide in the next few days to take the plunge & HOPEFULLY take the challenge going for the leader of the Liberal Party. I lived in his riding - York South Weston for many years & he always was there for us. A Good man but previously with the wrong party (NDP) & now is his chance to lead this country as the other 2 party leaders are useless. Harper is a mirror of DUBYA. Nuff said.

Bank on it - if Rae puts his name on the liberal party, the Liberals will win the next federal election by a landslide.


I too am quite familiar with Rae's old riding. When rumours first surfaced that he could be the next Liberal leader I mentioned it to a friend who openly laughed at the notion. When his term as premier of Ontario ended in 1995 we had the largest deficit on record and poor ol' Bob Rae was as unpopular as a skunk at a picnic.

It's been ten years and time has dulled those wounds. I think a powerful left-of-centre political force is exactly what this country will need when Stephen Harper's given the hook.

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I think Bob Rae is exactly what we need to keep the Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper as our Prime Minister. As for time dulling the wounds that Rae inflicted on us, we are still paying billions of dollars on debt that he accumulated with his mismanagement.

Come on Liberals, elect Rae to ensure a libertarian Conservative majority for years to come.

March 14, 2006 @ 12:53 AM


The next election – Bob Rae and Stephen the First, Or: The Real Mr Clean versus the Pseudo-Mr Clean:

Context is important is assessing the merits of leaders of parties. If Bob Rae is elected leader of the Liberals, then the fight will be between Stephen Harper (he of the broken promises, hidden agendas, stealth campaigns and one-man-rule), with Jack Layton bailing frantically to stop the Good Ship NDP from listing too much and losing too many voters to Rae, while the Bloc flails away against Harper in Quebec.

No other contender for leadership of the Liberals could affect the dynamics of the situation as much as Bob Rae would.

He brings experience, intelligence, wit, humour (unlike Stephen the First), and integrity to the contest.

Imagine Belinda (to borrow the Texas description of Bush: All fancy hat and no cattle) Stronach against Harper? No contest; Mr Policy Wonk wipes the floor with her and steals the framing game.

Imagine Email Brison against Harper? No contest: Harper simply says "corruption" time and again and refights the election the Liberals deservedly lost in early 2006.

Bob Rae would present the same problem to Harper and his neocons' framing of the issues as Howard Dean does to the Bush neocons: a match of honesty and transparency against disingenuous deceit.

Bob Rae has the stature to call Harper on his distortions and stealthy policies like no other Liberal candidate could.

Perhaps there is a Dark Horse candidate waiting in the Liberal wings, ready to explode (further) on to the scene?

If not, realpolitiek dictates Bob Rae for leadership.

March 15, 2006 @ 2:53 PM

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