Strawberry Shortcake Threatens Toddlers

SpookyA new DVD found its way into our home this weekend. It's called "Strawberry Shortcake Dress Up Days" and it's 44 minutes of Strawberry Shortcake action. There's also dress up and dance games and a berry special places tour. I'd say it's aimed at the 1-4 year old demographic, which is the primary demo in my house these days.

When you first start playing this DVD, you're hit with a pretty scary anti-piracy ad. It's got frightening images asking the viewer if he or she would steal a car or a hand-bag and then asking them why they think it's okay to steal movies via the Internet. You can't jump past this threatening piece, your one and four year olds have to sit through it waiting for Strawberry Shortcake.

These accusatory ads they force upon you while you watch a DVD you paid for suck bad enough. When they stick them on DVDs intended for the littlest of tikes, that totally blows. Perhaps I should explore alternative means of obtaining these films...

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