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Re: Two Minutes For Cheese

MR. Andy Frost is an ICON & does a lot of voluntary appearances etc. on behalf of Q107 & the Leafson his own behalf. Did Maple Leaf Sports & Ent. promote this ad? I think so. Do you think Mr. Cherry has to promote Cold FX after doing all his other duties-he doesn't need the coin either. There are many others doing the same thing. Mr Frost may need the money as the LAFFS will probably not even make the playoffs & he will miss his paycheck come late April. He took another opportunity to make something after realizing his job will done in April at the ACC. Paul Morris was good - But it was time to move on. Mr. Psychedlic Psunday rules. Andy Frost is the best, 2nd to NONE.


I'm not trying to trash Andy Frost here, I too have many good memories of the man as he hosted Monday night's Strange Paradise at the Phoenix, a club event I attended with regularity as a teen. He's got a great voice and I'm sure he's a great guy but he's also the public-address announcer for Leaf games at the ACC. When a kids attends his first game, Frost's tone with his announcements is part of the experience. To this day if I hear Paul Morris' voice I'm that kid sitting in the greys watching his heroes at Maple Leaf Gardens. Those words "two minutes for" in that voice and tone should be special.

I have no problem with the man making money, he can do voice over work and ads like crazy if he wants, I'm just not comfortable with him using that phrase in ads. And yes, MLSE is on on the condo ads and perhaps they should shoulder the greater responsibility here. Shame on MLSE for messing with our oratory recall to shill a few condos.

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