DocumentationI use the word "cool" a lot. I always have. I even have James using it. As it turns out, "cool" is a rarity in the world of slang. It "remains the gold standard of slang in the 21st century, as reliable as a blue-chip stock, surviving like few expressions ever in our constantly evolving language. It has, despite the pressures of staying relevant and trendy, kept its cool through the centuries -- even as its meaning changed drastically."

The article also lists slang terms that haven't held up. Below is their list and whether I still use the term occasionally or not.

  • Groovy - I only use this one when I'm intentionally trying to sound out of touch
  • Neat/neato - I do use these once in a while
  • Hip - I use this one all the time
  • Slick - I use this one all the time
  • Keen - I don't really say this
  • Chill - I must confess to saying "chill" almost daily
  • Excellent - I still use this... is it really slang?
  • Heavy - I use this term once in a while
  • NOT - I never said this
  • Outta sight - I don't say this
  • Far out - I don't say this
  • Top drawer - I never said this
  • Buttah - I never said this
  • Dynamite - I rarely say this, unless I'm quoting "Pass The Mic"
  • Phat - I never said this
  • Off the hook - I never said this
  • Sweet - I say this pretty regularly
  • Radical - I still say this quite often
  • Gag me with a spoon - I never said this
  • Super - I say this once in a while
  • Gnarly - I say this but when I say it I'm well aware it's no longer copasetic
  • The cat's pajamas - I never said this
  • Def - I don't think I ever said this
  • Copasetic - The only time I ever used this expression was three lines above
  • Trip - I rarely use this one
  • Fab - I never said this
  • Da bomb - I said this in an ironic fashion
  • Rad - Is "rad" different than "radical"? I admit to using it
  • Beat - I don't use this
  • Classy - I don't use this
  • Wack - Only Kriss Kross used this one, I think
  • Square - I don't use it, but I think I'll start
  • With it - Once in a while, I'll throw down this expression
  • Burnout - Nah...
  • Right on - Occasionally I'll use this one
  • The fuzz - I prefer "pigs"
  • Copper - I never said this
  • Nifty - I rarely said this
  • Out of this world - I never said this

Admit it, this entry was the cat's pajamas.

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