Bulte Nashed

VoteIn my Parkdale-High Park riding, NDP Peggy Nash defeated Sam Bulte 20690 to 18489. One of those 20690 votes belonged to me.

This is a new age of communication. The main stream media no longer controls all information disseminated to constituents. Bloggers have real power when it comes to spreading thoughts, ideas and knowledge. My first entry about the perception Bulte was firmly placed in the recording industry's pocket came after reading this entry on Michael Geist's blog. Living in this riding and having a keen interest in our copyright law, I followed up that entry with this, this, this, this and this. Other local bloggers with a far higher profile than I also began writing about this concern and before you knew it I was reading about it in the mainstream media.

Bulte might have got away with this in a different age, but in 2006 there's nowhere to hide. Nash's victory is a victory for us all.

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