A More Menable Jurisdiction

JusticeFour short years ago, Conrad Black renounced his Canadian citizenship. He referred to his Canadian citizenship as an "impediment to my progress in another, more amenable jurisdiction". That more amenable jurisdiction, in his opinion, was Britain's House of Lords.

Black made a number of statements four years ago that are worth revisiting. He called Canada a "one-party federal state with no deliverance in sight," and added, "Most Canadians remain resolutely oblivious to their country's objective decline. To someone just arrived from Haiti or Romania, Canada is a far more satisfying place to be a citizen than it was to me."

Black has had a sudden change of heart. He's asked the federal government for his citizenship back. This is quite shocking considering how beneath him we are. This "soft-left" country didn't deserve him four years ago and we don't deserve him now. Whatever must have happened to change his mind so dramatically?

Oh yes, there's that 40 years in a United States penitentiary he faces if he's convicted on all eight counts of fraud he's been charged with. Somebody needs to pay for that $83.8 million fraud at his former publishing company, Hollinger International Inc. You can't request a transfer to a Canadian jail when you're not a Canadian citizen.

Why else would Lord Black wish to rejoin "a more menable jurisdiction"?

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