photojunkie Responds To My Open Letter

Toronto SkylineA couple of days ago, I wrote an open letter to Toronto bloggers. I felt the T-Dot was capable of better and that entry was my response to the frustration I felt trying to arrive at a top ten list of local blogs.

I ended up listing ten Toronto blogs I frequent, and that list included photojunkie. Rannie Turingan, the man behind, actually wrote An Open Letter to Mike Boon. In this entry, Rannie lists 38 Toronto blogs he deems worthy of this great city. I'll be sure to check out the ones I'm not yet familiar with.

Rannie also points out the two typical blog features missing from this website; the lack of "proper" permalinks and comments. When you choose to hand code your site with no underlying content management system, permalinks and comments are casualties of sorts. I give every entry a unique id which allows me to hyperlink to a specific one, but this isn't "proper" permalinking. Over the years I've strongly considered making the move to Movable Type (like SLS) or Wordpress (like Rannie) but have thus far resisted. I've compensated for the lack of comments by encouraging Guest Blogs which I'll post in its entirety with full credit to the author.

I'm just glad my open letter sparked a little discussion about this. I'll check out the links Rannie posted and hopefully find some gems that had eluded me. If anyone wants to comment on anything I've said, write a Guest Blog and your words will be published here. Hand coder at work!

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