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Blogging ToolsIn the past I've written about how I hand code every stitch of this website. I use a basic text editor and hand code valid XHTML and CSS. I've been resisting the pressure to start using one of the many blogging tools, especially Movable Type. Mark has been suggesting I do this for well over a year now and I even went to far as to set up a test blog with Movable Type.

Movable Type is what drives our Smells Like Sour page and it's great for easy maintenance, comments and other cool things like that. It's also free...or at least it was free. The new version isn't free any more. You might have read that many a non-commercial blogger is pissed off about this. Once something is free, even if it's great, people don't like to hear it's no longer free. People get used to free and expect it to stay that way forever.

For, I'm going to keep it simple and continue hand coding it without an ounce of help from blogging software. That way, I'm in control and I never have to worry the free service I'm using might suddenly cost me money. Besides, if it ain't broken why fix it?

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