Rowdy Roddy Piper, Dead at 61

Rowdy Roddy PiperRowdy Roddy Piper was 61. He was a WWF / WWE superstar who also starred in John Carpenter’s "They Live."

He was also my favourite wrestler when I followed the WWF in the mid-80s. I'd tune in weekly to hear him on the Piper's Pit.

His "For Everybody" was the best track on The Wrestling Album. JYD, Jimmy Hart and Captain Lou contributed gems, but Hot Rod stole the show.


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Open Mike

Welcome to this week's Open Mike. I'm Mike and I'll be your master of ceremonies for the day.

Feel free to use this space to vent, rant, share a story and/or ask a question of the hivemind.

Open Mike on Toronto Mike

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Another Round of Radio Layoffs at Corus

Corus Entertainment is shaving its payroll again with a series of radio layoffs. The names of those affected are still trickling in, so I'll update this entry as I learn more.

Most of the changes are at Q107. Longtime host Jeff Woods, who recently moved back from Calgary, has been let go, as have Dominik Diamond, Nails Mahoney and James MacPhee, who did news double duty with Q and AM640.

Kim Mitchell, who has been working the 2-6pm shift, will not have his contract renewed. His last day at Q107 will be tomorrow.

And, a little outside the city in Hamilton, my pal Kelly Cutrara was axed at Fresh FM. She's coming on my podcast to talk about it, as soon as she sobers up.

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Blue Jays Trade for David Price

I've got to give Alex Anthopoulos credit. He's all in for 2015. He just sent prospects Daniel Norris, Matt Boyd and Jairo Labourt to Detroit for lefty David Price.

We wanted an arm, and we got an arm. Price becomes our #1 guy down the stretch, bumping down Mark Buehrle, R.A. Dickey, Marco Estrada and Drew Hutchison. He's a rental, two months from free agency, so there's no doubt the Jays are trying to win this year.

These are exciting times for this club. Go Jays!

Price is Right

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Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 131: Chris Johnston

Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 131In this 131st episode, Mike chats with Chris Johnston, Senior Hockey Writer for Sportsnet, about Phil Kessel, the Shanaplan, Simmons's hotdog claims, Hockey Night in Canada changes, Tim and Sid, becoming a Friend of Bob and whether Wilner should call John Gibbons "Gibby". This episode is exactly 1:04:38.

You can listen to this episode in a variety of ways:

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Toronto Mike'd Podcast

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Chuck D Designed Public Enemy's Logo

The band I listened to the most in high school was Public Enemy. When grunge broke, Nirvana and Pearl Jam made a run at the title, but PE had a head start and finished first.

I had a Public Enemy poster on my wall and wore Public Enemy tee-shirts with that iconic logo on it. To this day, that logo hangs on the wall of my podcast studio. Somehow, I only learned yesterday that Chuck D himself designed Public Enemy's logo. I learned it here.

Public Enemy

People say I studied art. I didn’t just study; I graduated with an art degree. There’s a big difference. When it came to be around that potential time of making logos, I wanted to make something that understood what a logo could do, you know? Look at the Rolling Stones. The tongue and the lips say it all without you looking at the font. I wanted to be able to make something that detaches. I don’t think there’s too many logos out there that don’t deal with a font, that you can detach and know what it is. Wu-Tang is still the W, but that kinda comes close. But Public Enemy… no font whatsoever. Circle with a man, you know what it is.

You know what it is.


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Blue Jays Trade for Troy Tulowitzki, Give Up Jose Reyes and Prospects

Blue Jays' GM Alex Anthopoulos landed Troy Tulowitzki and LaTroy Hawkins from the Colorado Rockies in exchange for Jose Reyes, Miguel Castro, Jeff Hoffman and Jesus Tinoco.

Jose Reyes has become a defensive liability, and Tulowitzki is a nice upgrade at SS. The man can also hit, making the league's best offense that much better. This lineup is scary.


Unfortunately, Troy Tulowitzki doesn't pitch. Anthopoulos is going to have to add arms if we're going to see the playoffs in October. Find us another starter, AA! But thanks for Tulowitzki... he's the premier shortstop in baseball.

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Final Thoughts on the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games

During the first twenty minutes of episode 130 of my podcast, me and my friend Elvis discuss the 2015 Pan Am Games. Spoiler alert: we completely disagree. It all happens here if you've yet to listen.

As recently as early June, I was all set to hate these games. The term I used at the time was "underwhelmed". After all, the Pan Am Games aren't the Olympics, and at the time, I was stuck on that particular fact.

Then, I attended a torch relay. I had a great time, and when we were all cheering Natalie Spooner on as she ran in and lit the cauldron, I suddenly didn't care that these weren't the Olympics. I finally felt something beyond apathy, and it felt good.

I biked over to another torch relay the afternoon of the opening ceremony, and sat down with the family that night to watch Donovan Bailey base jump from the CN Tower onto the dome. By the time Steve Nash officially kicked things off, I was hooked.

It helped that my two older kids attended an early diving event at the new Aquatics Centre and Field House and raved about both the facility and the ambience. That's when I visited the schedule of events and made it a point to stream them live. That's right, I often had to stream, as many of my targeted events weren't televised live. That's another entry for another time, but streaming the events and Chromecasting them to my big screen was effortless and meant no ads, so I was happy.

Here's a taste of what I watched live:

I ended up watching much more than that, particularly in the athletics, but that was my "appointment viewing list". For the most part, it was thrilling, even with the disappointing disqualification in the 4x100m relay final.

Now that the Pan Am Games are over, I can sincerely admit that I'll miss them. It didn't matter to me that they weren't the Olympics. It was entertaining sport, the energy in this city was palpable, visits to Nathan Phillips Square and Pan Am Park were inspiring, and the thousands and thousands of volunteers filled me with pride.

What an amazing 16 days. Well done, Toronto.


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Daily Photo: Beaching in Toronto


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Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 130: Pan Am Disagreement

Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 130In this 130th episode, Mike chats with Elvis about the Pan Am Games, Kim Mitchell, Humble and Fred, and a whole lot more. This episode is exactly 1:02:35.

You can listen to this episode in a variety of ways:

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Toronto Mike'd Podcast

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