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Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 195: Patty Sullivan

Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 195In this 195th episode, Mike chats with Patty Sullivan about her years hosting TVOKids and Kids' CBC and what's next for her following CBC's complete rebranding of their pre-school morning show. This episode is exactly 1:00:42.

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Toronto Mike'd Podcast

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Shimon Peres, Dead at 93

Shimon PeresShimon Peres was 93. He twice served as prime minister of Israel and later as the country’s ninth president.

His defining achievement was as one of the key architects of the Oslo peace accords for which he was jointly awarded the Nobel peace prize with Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat, chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organisation.

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Team Europe vs. Canada: Where I'm At

Back in March, I tried to wrap my head around this World Cup of Hockey. At the time, I was disappointed the NHL and NHLPA had "fiddled with the basic premise" by introducing two teams that are not countries.

In a couple of hours, I'll be tuning in to watch Canada face one of those manufactured teams in game one of the best-of-three final. Team Europe, a team we beat 4-1 in the round robin, is tasked with trying to halt Canada's 14-game win streak in best-on-best competition.

As this tournament approached, I wasn't sure if I'd get into it. My Jays are in a wildcard spot, it sure doesn't feel like the Olympics and there are those aforementioned manufactured teams that still irk me.

But I'm definitely watching. I don't think I've missed one of Canada's games, and I caught quite of bit of Team North America. It's been awfully entertaining, even though Canada's thoroughly dominated. I've enjoyed the World Cup, but I think I'd be more excited about tonight if we were facing Sweden, Russia or the United States.

Here's hoping they go back to eight countries next time. It still won't feel like the Olympics, but we'll be a great deal closer.

Go Canada, Go!

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Shomi is No More

Rogers introduced Shomi as a Netflix alternative only two years ago, but is already shutting down the service.

"We tried something new, and customers who used shomi loved it. It's like a great cult favourite with a fantastic core audience that unfortunately just isn't big enough to be renewed for another season," said Melani Griffith, Senior Vice President, Content, Rogers. "We will be reaching out to eligible customers in the coming days as we have a wide range of premium experiences available for people to enjoy."

shomi, a joint venture of Rogers and Shaw Communications announced today an orderly wind down with service ending November 30, 2016. As a result, Rogers expects to incur a loss on investment of approximately $100-140 million in its third quarter ending September 30, 2016 relating to the carrying value of its investment and a provision related to future liabilities in shomi.

I have Shomi, but I never paid for it. It was given to me with my internet service. Although I periodically complained about the interface, I enjoyed many of the shows available there, especially Transparent.

Season three of Transparent only dropped last week and now I have a couple of months to see it before it Shomi disappears. That'll be easy enough.

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Arnold Palmer, Dead at 87

Arnold PalmerArnold Palmer was 87. He was the golfer who won seven major championships and, along with Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player, helped popularize and commercialize the sport around the world.


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Jose Fernandez, Dead at 24

Jose FernandezJose Fernandez was 24. He was the Miami Marlins pitcher who was named Rookie of the Year in 2013 and was in the midst of his finest season in the majors.

I challenge you to watch this video and not tear up.


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Gilmour Tunes in For News

You'll remember that Rickey Henderson ad for Bob McCown's morning show on The Fan 1430 back in '93. I shared that one a few years ago, if you need your memory jogged.

At that same time, there was an ad with Doug Gilmour that Retrontario just dug up. It's safe to say Doug is a better actor than Rickey.

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Bill Nunn, Dead at 62

Bill NunnBill Nunn was 62. He was the actor who played Radio Raheem in Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing.

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Raina Leaves Indie 88 for CBC Radio 2

Raina Douris, popular morning show host on Indie 88, has just broadcast her last show from the house in Liberty Village. Raina is moving over to CBC Radio 2 where she'll be the new morning show host, taking over for Tom Power.

Tom Power, of course, has left that role to become the new host of q. That's right, it's q, not Q. Shad was pushed aside to "explore new creative opportunities including a new radio show with CBC".

If you'd like to learn more about Raina, who previously worked at 102.1 the Edge, I urge you to listen to episode 108 of my podcast, Toronto Mike'd. I'd rather you clicked and subscribed, but if you're really lazy, just click play below.

Congrats to Raina. CBC Radio 2's gain is Indie 88's loss, but if they're smart, they'll slide Lana Gay into Raina's old spot.

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