Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 145: Mike Toth

Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 145In this 145th episode, Mike chats with former TSN, Sportsnet, Fan 590 and Newstalk 1010 host Mike Toth about his career in sports media, his battle with depression, how the business has changed and what he's learned along the way. This episode is exactly 1:13:54.

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Toronto Mike'd Podcast

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Daily Photo: Coronation Park

Coronation Park

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Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 144: Elvis and Ian

Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 144In this 144th episode, Mike and Elvis are joined by the guy who hosts the Toronto Mike'd podcast and many important issues of the day are discussed. There's talk of calendar invitation etiquette, the incoming methadone clinic in the neighbourhood, Elvis's appearance on Cash Cab, a review of recent guests and much, much more. This episode is exactly 1:02:21.

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Do You Remember Club 102 on CHCH TV in Hamilton?

I've been conversing with a documentary filmmaker producing a film about Martin Streek. He's been listening to my podcast as a source of research, which fills me with great pride.

We had a chat yesterday about Chris Sheppard and his thoughts on Martin Streek. Shep would often say "often imitated, never duplicated" and there's a hypothesis that this was a reaction to Martin Streek taking over Club 102 from him after he left CFNY. One day I'd love to have Chris Sheppard on my podcast to hear his take on that, but in the meantime it's interested food for thought.

We also talked about Club 102 being broadcast on CHCH TV. There's little about this short-lived show online except for a couple of YouTube clips and this comment left on this very site.

Do you remember Club 102 on CHCH TV in Hamilton? What can you tell me about this show?

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Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 143: Ed Keenan

Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 143In this 143rd episode, Mike chats with Toronto Star columnist Edward Keenan about his years writing for Eye Weekly, The Grid and The Toronto Star, but we also make time to talk Rob Ford, the Stockyards, his Newstalk 1010 radio show, @Norm on Twitter and more. This episode is exactly 1:11:31.

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Toronto Mike'd Podcast

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The Leaf: Blueprint

Right after the Leafs game ended last night, TSN aired episode one of The Leaf: Blueprint. It's a documentary series about this Leafs team, although drenched in extreme bias. It's an MLSE production, so it's as much a PR mechanism as anything.

It opens with Brendan Shanahan talking about growing up a Leafs fan. Shanahan grew up in Mimico (as if you didn't know that) and went to my high school, so I've been a fan forever. His little story about seeing Bill Derlago drive by while in the car being driven to Sherway Gardens is as relatable as any hockey story I've ever heard.

So yes, it's a propaganda machine, but it looks good and sells hard all we have: hope.

Here's episode one if you missed it.

I'm just sorry MLSE didn't name this series The Shanaplan.

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How to Bike Toronto Winters

Toronto's winters are very bikable, so there's no need to put your bicycle away until spring. I biked through the past two winters and now have it down to a fine art. Sure, you'll need to skip a few days when it's actively storming or when the temperatures plummet below -20°C, but you can get in a good ride most days with only three adjustments.

1. Layer Up
Staying warm is essential if you're going to bike through Toronto's winters. I've learned to add layers as the temperatures drop.

On a -10°C day in January, for example, I'll be wearing:

  • two pairs of socks
  • long thermal underwear
  • water-and-wind-resistant pants
  • tee-shirt
  • two long-sleeved athletic shirts
  • runner's hoodie
  • water-and-wind-resistant running jacket
  • balaclava
  • biking gloves
  • winter gloves

Trust me when I tell you you'll feel warm in all of the above down to -20° at which point your toes will turn on you.

2. Chose Maintained Routes
Once the snow falls and stays, I have to alter my regular routes. Much of the waterfront trail to the west of me is not maintained in the winter time, and it becomes an unofficial skating rink. That's no good.

Through trial, error, and common sense, I've mapped out several routes that are ploughed and salted throughout the winter. The Martin Goodman Trail, for example, is maintained all winter long, and you'll often find me biking it on a cold February afternoon.

Be prepared to lose your regular routes and map yourself rides with cleared snow and ice.

3. Slow Down
Even if your trail / road is ploughed and salted, the greatest danger in winter cycling is losing control on snow and ice. In my adult life I've never fallen off my bike in dry conditions, but I've had several falls in snow and rain. It's essential you reduce your speed during winter rides when snow and/or ice is present. This is especially true when turning.


Get out there and enjoy biking Toronto in winter, just be prepared to bundle up, lose many of your favourite trails, and slow way down. Things will return to normal some time in April.

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The Blue Pill or Red Pill?

You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

~ Morpheus in The Matrix


My friend, had he lived, would have turned 35 today. I was reminded of this fact when Facebook encouraged me to "Help him have a great day!". Throughout today, many of his friends are leaving messages on his Facebook wall, confident that he's enjoying the day in heaven and looking down upon us, watching his Raptors and protecting his little girl.

I'm sometimes envious of this view of the world. It must be wonderful to believe that he's in a better place. It must be comforting to know he's still reading his Facebook wall and aware of our lives here on earth. Its sounds blissful.

I don't believe any of that. When my friend died in April 2014, I believe he ceased to exist, lost all awareness of anything and everything, dissipating back into the cosmos. I'm left with memories of our friendship and inspiration to be a better person.

Death is as natural a part of life as birth, but with a biting finality that results in a longingness that cannot be satisfied. It's no wonder so many choose the blue pill. I often wish I had made that choice.

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CN Tower Documentary

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Jim Perry, Dead at 82

Jim PerryJim Perry was 82. He was the host of game shows such as Card Sharks, $ale of the Century and Definition, filmed at CFTO-TV's studios.

The clip above features Dave Devall as the announcer, Dan Matheson and Pat Marsden. Dan Matheson was fired by Bell Media earlier this week.

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