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VaultI recently uncovered some gems from my past and I've been sharing excerpts from the documents I found. Below are thoughts I jotted down on May 17, 1996.

After class I biked to Queen and Yonge for the grand opening of CFNY's new location. Shortly after twelve Sloan performed for an hour. It was great, I've always been a fan of Sloan and they rocked. On my way home I biked past a familiar face on Bloor. It was Taryn who I then dragged home with me to watch the third installment of "Journey Past Midnight". The selection of movies at theatres right now is dismal. I am being forced to go and see all the moves I was too busy to see in the winter, which isn't so bad. Last week we saw "Fargo" and this Tuesday we'll see "Il Postino". By the way, Detroit beat St. Louis in double overtime of game seven by a one to nothing score. They now play Colorado while Pittsburgh plays Florida in the East. Now I must quickly shower and get myself to work for my five to ten shift. In the words of the immortal Neil Young, "Keep on rocking in the free world!!!

Upon re-reading this entry nine years later, I had to Google "Journey Past Midnight" to find out what the hell it was. It turns out it was a sketch on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" which was based on the premise that a multi-million dollar mini-series was being made about the show.

It's also worth noting that we never did see "Il Postino". In fact, to this day I've not seen it. I have, however, seen "Fargo" several times since then.

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