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Earlier this month, I wrote about the Molson Park scam and how I attended what was billed as the "Last Bash in Barrie" despite the fact they're still holding concerts there.  Now it seems Molson Park has been renamed Barrie's Park Place and may host Live 8 on July 2nd.

Live 8 is going to be free and it's going to be fantastic.  Bryan Adams and Billy Talent are definitely on the roster, and there are indications the Barenaked Ladies, Avril Lavigne, Our Lady Peace, Jann Arden, the Tragically Hip and Blue Rodeo have also been contacted. Dan Aykroyd has been confirmed as the host.

Depending upon who you believe, Molson Park has either already landed Live 8 or it's just one of a few sites still being considered.  Either way, I'm just glad to see she's still open for rock n' roll business.  As I've written before, I've enjoyed many a spectacular concert at this venue. If you were to ask me what my favourite concert venue is, the answer would be Molson Park in Barrie.

As great a venue as Molson Park is, Live 8 belongs in Toronto and I'm holding out hope we host it right here in the big smoke.

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