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Ink StainAnyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to I received the following submission late last night.

Ah, yes! The dulcet tones of Geddy Lee and "Xanadu" bring those memories back to life.

"I recall that conversation," said the guy from Over the Pond. It's a sad fact that not enough Canadian acts used to make a noise about being Canadian - and there is so much to be proud of in being Canadian. Now, if they were all like Avril, with her "Napanee" upbringing there for all to see, maybe us poor Brits and expats wouldn't be so confused over such things. Or maybe we'd pay more attention when someone says "There is a town in north Ontario..."

Time for Canucks to get noisy about it!


It's funny, but I referred to my conversation with "a guy who was born and raised in England" and never thought for a moment that this person would visit my site and actually read my comments about our discussion. I think these Canadian acts were dropping hints of their Canadian status left, right and centre but you Brits and expats were missing them. You mentioned Neil's haunting opening line to the awesome "Helpless" and there's always Geddy Lee's "Take off, to the Great White North" on the Bob & Doug McKenzie classic. The clues are there if you're paying attention!

For readers who are trying to figure out the handle "Bolanoid", allow me to shed some light on the subject. The man is obsessed with the music of T.Rex and Marc Bolan. I've seen most of his T.Rex and Marc Bolan collection, and we're easily looking at over 25 discs. Who knew they had more than "Bang A Gong (Get It On)" and "20th Century Boy"?

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