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CanadaPaul Martin says he's sorry. He looked quite sincere as he read the prepared speech from the teleprompter. When we do vote in the next election, be it this summer or next winter, we have some fantastic options.

Paul Martin, Liberal Party - We can't vote for him, not after what we've learned from the sponsorship scandal. The party has been in power too long and is corrupt. How can we vote them back in?

Stephen Harper, Conservative Party - We can't vote for him. His social agenda is brutal and his hidden agenda is frightening. A vote for Harper is akin to the selling of one's soul. No can do.

Jack Layton, New Democratic Party - We can't vote for him. He's got some great ideas, but he can't win and we're throwing our vote away on him.

Reviewing my options, we're screwed. The Liberal Party of Canada deserves to be ousted, but who should lead us? Harper would be a mistake and Jack isn't ready for prime time, so we're back to the Liberals. A win by default is still a win, unfortunately for us.

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