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I recently uncovered some gems from my past and I've been sharing excerpts from the documents I found.  Below are thoughts I jotted down on October 3, 1996.  It's interesting to read what I thought about Roberto Alomar on that day considering the praise I heaped upon him only nine years later.

I've got to update you on an incident that occurred at the Skydome last week.  Former hero to myself Roberto Alomar was called out on a third strike that looked outside.  He argued profusely and was ejected.  He then came back out of the dugout and argued further.  Then he spit in the umpire's face.  He would later make a poor reference to the umpire's dearly departed son and he appealed his five game suspension.  Alomar is a jerk.  I detected this a year ago when he claimed Toronto was unsafe because of his death threats and began making hints that he would like to play alongside Cal Ripken, Jr.  He would then sit out the final series of the season to protect his .300 batting average.  Ted Williams played out his final two games while sitting on a .400 batting average and Mr. Williams managed to go six for eight and raise his average to .406.  Robbie Alomar couldn't carry Mr. Ted Williams' jock strap.

Perspective is everything.

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