He Was The Frickin' Drummer?!?!

MusicThis afternoon I heard the brand new Foo Fighters song "Best Of You" and totally digged it. Listening to this tune, I was overwhelmed by one constant thought. How the f*ck was this guy content being the frickin' drummer?

Sure, it wasn't just any band, but the world's best band, but still...he was just the drummer. Someone else was the soul of the band, writing and singing the songs. He was happy banging away on the drums unwilling to "pollute the process". It blows your mind that someone this talented, this awesome could have played such a inconsequential role in any group.

It's his time to shine.

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James Edgar

"such a inconsequential role in any group."

Are you kidding?? Ok he wasn't song writing but i bet he would have if Kurt could survived the awful April. But the words were not all of Nirvana Grohl's drumming was huge part of the sound and you can never underestimate the contribution he made.

The FOO's DO rock though.

July 10, 2008 @ 6:40 AM

Jason | GetYourOJ.com

Something tells me he would have went solo. I think Kurt would have went solo as well. Had Kurt survived, maybe we'd be still be getting more Nirvana records, but doubtful. I think each would have had solo work or side projects. (kurt probably would have had Micheal Stiple on a few tracks, or something) At the time, I think they were all too busy for sideprojects and venturing out, but it would have progressed to a point where Dave wanted do other things no matter what, I think.

July 10, 2008 @ 3:27 PM

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