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An Unfillable Hole


I've got my Freeplay Ranger tuned to The Fan 590 right now.  It's something I've done hundreds and hundreds of times in my life.  I'm listening to Blue Jays baseball on the radio.

There's a gaping, unfillable hole in this broadcast.  The voice of Tom Cheek is noticeably absent.  Sadly, Tom's brain tumour requires very serious surgery this coming Wednesday and he's busy fighting that battle we all hope he'll win.  The broadcast booth once again lacks his awesome presence.

I've written about Tom Cheek many times.  You can read these entries here, here, here, here, here and here.  His calls of Blue Jays games are so awesome they're partly responsible for my life-long love affair with the sport of baseball.  He and his partner Jerry Howarth are the voices of Blue Jays baseball and when one is missing there's an gaping, unfillable hole.

Get better soon Tom.  You're greatly missed.  I and thousands and thousands of Jays fans will be praying for ya.

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