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Johnny Carson was 79. He was host of the "Tonight Show" for thirty years.

While the rest of the continent remembers Johnny Carson from late night TV, I know him best for his guest appearance on episode 9F19 of The Simpsons, "Krusty Gets Kancelled".  When Krusty went looking for tips on how to deal with leaving the world of television, he visited Johnny Carson.  Carson participated in The Krusty Comeback Special going so far as to juggle an automobile.  At the conclusion of the episode, Bart proposes a toast "To Krusty, the greatest entertainer in the world.  Except for that guy."  He's pointing to Carson, tap-dancing and playing "Good Night Ladies" and The Simpsons theme on the accordion while balancing a board on his head atop which sit Grampa and Jasper.  Good night, Johnny.

By the way, Steve drafted him in our Dead Pool and has been rewarded with 21 points.  That puts him only 47 points behind Ryan for the lead.

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