No See The OC

No See The OCTaryn is watching "The OC" right now in our bedroom. She recently discovered this show and now watches it each Thursday night. Both of my brothers watch this program religiously and even my mom has started watching. Those in my little circle are huge fans of this teen drama that I've never seen a minute of.

That's not quite true. About a half hour ago I went in the bedroom and heard Modest Mouse playing. I glanced at the screen and saw them performing live in a club on "The OC". I stayed until MM left the screen and then I left the scene. Seeing them performing live on a teen drama reminded me of another teen drama I used to watch when I was a teenager. On 90210, Nat owned The Peach Pit and Brandon worked there. When Peach Pit After Dark opened, it was common for bands to perform there. I distinctly remember the Barenaked Ladies playing there and I know there were others I can't recall.

I'm glad "The OC" is providing my family with such entertainment but I have no interest in it. I've been there, done that. I was there when Brenda lost her virginity to Dylan, Brandon gambled too much, Kelly got high and David cheated on Donna. As the Barenaked Ladies once sang, "It's all been done...".

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