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Blogging The Gold Medal Game

Go Canada Go!

This one's for all the marbles.  Canada faces Russia for Gold at the World Junior Hockey Championship in minutes.  As promised, I'm blogging the game.

I want this one bad.  Boys, it's time to kick ass.  Bring it home.

20:09 - Yes!  Ryan Getzlaf scores on a great drop pass from Jeff Carter.  I love an early lead... Canada 1, Russia 0

20:12 - I say pound the puck at Anton Khudobin in the early going.  He seems a little shaky.  Lets see what he's made of. Damn...Perry's in the box.  It's penalty kill time. Canada 1, Russia 0

20:17 - Phew!  Down two men for a significant chunk of time, the good guys killed it off.  Glass was sharp, no pun intended. Canada 1, Russia 0

20:21 - A Canadian bounce off the boards produces a smart goal by Danny Syvret.  I hope we bury these guys. Ryan Getzlaf looks like he could score five goals himself tonight. Canada 2, Russia 0

20:28 - Quote of the day from Pierre McGuire: "They should start calling diving on these guys.  They go down like free beer at a frat party". Canada 2, Russia 0

20:42 - Shit.  I was watching the clock and waiting for that horn.  We've got to stay out of the box, nobody can score on us even strength. Canada 2, Russia 1

20:44 - I thought we played a great period until that late power play marker by Russia.  As I said two minutes ago, if we play five on five they can't touch us.  Canada 2, Russia 1

20:45 - They just aired a commercial for the new Samuel L. Jackson movie "Coach Carter".  Haven't I seen that movie before?  Wasn't it called "Lean On Me"?  Or was it "Dangerous Minds"?  Either way, I'm glad to see Butch Carter get his dues.  Canada 2, Russia 1

21:06 - I knew Anton Khudobin looked shaky.  A quick shot by Jeff Carter puts us back up by two.  Move over Mr. Lindros, Carter now has twelve.  Canada 3, Russia 1

21:16 - What a goal!  Great hit by Dion Phaneuf, great rush by Sidney Crosby, great pass by Corey Perry and great finish by Patrice Bergeron....and another goal by Anthony Stewart!  Ca-na-da! Ca-na-da! Ca-na-da!  Canada 5, Russia 1

21:26 - Blur said it best, didn't they?  Whoo-Hooo! Dion Phaneuf gives Canada an overwhelming five goal lead.  Another dominating performance by the greatest Canadian junior team of all time. Canada 6, Russia 1

21:38 - This Russian team is hateful.  I no longer want to beat them, I want to pulverize them. Twenty minutes to go before we're crowned champions. Canada 6, Russia 1

22:08 - I just broke out the calculator and see that we've outscored our opponents in this tournament 41-7.  We've never trailed.  That's incredible. Canada 6, Russia 1

22:20 - Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye...Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye... Canada 6, Russia 1

22:24 - Gold for Canada!  At this moment, Canada is the Men and Women Olympic Champions, the Men and Women World Champions, the World Cup Champions and now the Junior Champions.  I've never witnessed such pure domination. We are the champions! Canada 6, Russia 1

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