A Misplaced "e"

A Misplaced eOver the past twenty-four hours, this site has been getting hundreds of referrals from searches for amber frye pictures where I'm the first site listed in Google. I immediately wondered two things.

  1. Why are people so anxious to see pictures of her? Don't we already know what she looks like?
  2. Why am I ranked #1 when this is a huge story and there are many sites far more popular than mine with far more detail about this case? There's no way I should be the definite resource for pictures of Amber Frye.

I did a little research and now I've got answers!

  1. Unbeknownst to me, there are naked pictures of Amber Frey on the Internet. People everywhere are looking for these nude photos by hitting Google with this search string. Nothing increases site traffic like pornography.
  2. I'm ranked #1 because I misspelled her name! It's Amber Frey, but my entry says Amber Frye. What the heck do I know? If I spelled her name right, I'd probably be ranked #954 but because of that misplaced "e", I'm number one!

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